What to do in Pisa

Although Pisa is abundant in churches, monuments, and different sights, travelling to Pisa is not just about all of these. There are so many activities that you can do here where you, your special someone, and the whole family can definitely enjoy.

One of the activities in the city that is usually done when tourists travel to Pisa is sightseeing. There are different places to go to that you can boast to your officemates and prove that you really went on a vacation on Pisa. One of which is the famous Pisa Tower located in Campo dei Miracoli.

pisa tower

For a few years, the Pisa Tower was closed for the tourists and even locals. Fortunately, it was re-opened to the public so that anybody who wants to see the internal of the tower may do so.

Aside from that, you can go up on the top of the tower. From there, you can see a breathtaking view of the city where no Pisa travel guide can let you experience.

Aside from that, there are also cathedrals which prove how Roman architecture is simply stunning. Moreover, there are museums where you can see the masterpieces of the famous artists in Pisa. Be careful when taking shots from your camera. Not all of the museums in Pisa, Italy, would welcome tourists with such device.

If you want to know how the delicious cuisines are cooked in Pisa, then you may enrol yourself in a culinary tour. Your accommodation in Pisa will be handled by the culinary school and you have a choice between villas for rent or a bed if you will be travelling to Pisa alone. You will not only learn how to cook local Pisa cuisines but various cuisines that are famous in the whole Italy as well.
An excellent Pisa guide would also recommend that you to take a hike on the magnificent areas in Pisa where not much tourists go to.

You could drive for example renting a car in Pisa and using the website carhireintuscany.com to make a free quote.

There are hiking tours guided by professional hikers of the city. If you do not wish to hike, you may ride a bike instead. Through these tours, you will get to see the Apuan Alps, Capraia, Elba, Giannutri, and other islands in Tuscany.

The leaning tower of Pisa

Moreover, there are also resorts where you can simply unwind and relax. In these resorts, tourists usually go for a spa or simply want to witness the stunning sunset as they luxuriously drink juice or wine courtesy of the resort.

When people talk about Pisa, they would usually think that the Pisa Tower is the only tourist attraction that they can find in the city. However, because of its rich Roman culture, there are numerous Roman architectures that you can find and feast your eyes on. It is actually not necessary to sign up for a Pisa travel guide just to explore the rest of this tourist destination.

You can create an itinerary of your own if you would be travelling to Pisa. Just make sure that you bring a camera along with you so that you will have something memorable to look at once you are already home.
First on the list, of course, is the Pisa Tower. Since 2001, people who wish to climb the 296 steps of the tower may now do so. However, you must secure a ticket worth 15 Euro before you can get to the insides of the tower.

Near the tower is another tourist spot called the Baptistry. A travel to Pisa can never be complete if you would miss the chance to go to the Baptistry. This is a Romanesque dome where you can also climb up so you can see a spectacular view of the Pisa Tower.
And because of the Roman culture embraced in Pisa, there are also several worshipping sites that serve as a tourist spot at the same time. The Duomo di Pisa (Pisa Dome) is the finest cathedral in the city that has a Romanesque and Renaissance style. Another church that you must visit, especially if you are Catholic, is the Santa Maria della Spina where you can see a thorn from the crown of Jesus displayed and preserved.
pisa dome

If you are into arts, there are several museums that you can choose from and see at various Pisa guides. One of the most famous museums in Pisa is the Museo del Opera del Duomo. In here, you will find different paintins as well as sculptures that was once preserved at the city’s cathedral. There are even bronze griffins that came from the country of Syria taken by the Crusaders. Another museum that you must visit is the Museo delle Sinopie.

The surviving murals coming from the Campo Santo are displayed in this museum. And coincidentally, when these murals were separated from the walls of Campo Santo because of the bombings in World War II, it revealed sketches of the artists which are now also in the Museo delle Sinopie.

When travelling to Pisa or to any tourist destination for that matter, it is like visiting a different home for the first time. You should be the one to adjust to your environment, not the environment adjusting to you.

Therefore, in order to adapt to the culture and traditions of Pisa, you must read several Pisa guides before you go to this famous tourist destination.
If you are in Pisa Italy and you want to feel the best warm welcome that the Pisans can give, make sure that you eat out with your family in any of the restaurants in the city.

It does not matter whether it is a fine-dining restaurant or not. For the Pisans, when the whole family eats out for a lunch or dinner, this simply means that they have an occasion to celebrate. And since Pisans are known for being jubilant persons who love to celebrate, they would certainly welcome you and serve you with the best of what their establishment has to offer.

Religious traditions are also ubiquitous and must be observed when you travel to Pisa. Their religion is mainly influenced by the Romans and so as the traditions that come with it. During Saturdays and Sundays, many Pisans go to the churches and cathedrals to worship. There is no need to take your shoes off to show respect. However, silence must be observed.

It is indicated in most Pisa travel guides that they do not usually allow mobile phones or chattering inside the church or cathedral while the mass is being held.
If you happen to be travelling in Pisa with your canine friend, you may now bring your pet inside the museums, restaurants, galleries, and even in accommodation in Pisa. It was only this March that the city allowed pet owners to bring their pals inside these establishments since more and more Pisans own and love dogs every year.
And if you will be visiting a home in Pisa for the first time, make sure that you bring any kind of food as a token of your appreciation that you were invited at their home. If you are just in time for Christmas, bring their traditional Christmas cake called Panettone. This cake is not the ordinary cake that you usually see in bakeshops filled with icing.

It is made with various kinds of dried fruits including chestnuts as well as pine nuts.